Once upon a time, there lived a woman with no children. By the blessing of the fairy she got a little girl from the flower. She is not bigger than the thumb and hence, she was called as Thumbelina. One morning she was kidnapped by a frog. The frog decided to make her as its daughter-in-law. As soon as she came to know this she asked the help of a sparrow and reached the place of a mouse family. One day, the mouse's neighbor visited his house. He was very rich. He saw her and proposed her to marry him in the spring. She did not want to marry that rich mouse. She was very upset and started to weep. She went outside to ask help from her friends the cockchafer and the bird. They accepted her request. Thumbelina escaped from the house, flew away on the back of the bird. Now, she found her love in this beautiful city. He is a handsome, charming princess in the size of Thumbelina. Both were going to get married. Join this beautiful occasion of this beautiful couple by preparing Thumbelina for a wedding. She needs more facial makeup treatment to shine in the wedding. The groom is ready and now it's your turn to help. Show your make up skills, give her a wonderful facial treatment, embellish her with excellent outfits and have fun.


Thumbelina Wedding Preparation

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